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Technical Information


The Haverfordwest Ladies Choir Website is intended for viewing in a graphical web browser that complies with the W3C standards.

It is designed to be viewed on a monitor with a width of 1024 pixels. Below this content will scroll horizonally.


A navigation panel is fixed at the top of the browser by the use of "frames".
In legacy browsers that do not support frames navigation is still possible by using the various "return" links and the "back" button on the browser.


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) formatting is used extensively on this site.
In the very unlikely event of your browser not supporting CSS page layout, font styles and text formatting will not be as intended.


JavaScript is used to improve presentation in various small ways and to run the image viewers of the Gallery section.

Unfortunately, JavaScript is disabled in your browser so that the Gallery will not display any photographs. If you want to see the photos please enable JavaScript in the browser preferences.
For Firefox on Windows this is found in Tools -> Preferences -> Content
There is no need to close and restart Firefox.
For Internet Exploiter go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom -> Scripting
You will have to close and restart IE to make it notice the change.


This site has been tested on the following browsers and operating systems:

Name Version Operating System
Epiphany 2.30 Linux 2.6.33
Firefox 3.6 Linux 2.6.33, Windows XP SP2
Google Chrome 6.0 Linux 2.6.33, Windows XP SP2
Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 Windows XP SP2
Konqueror 4.4 Linux 2.6.33
Opera 10.60 Linux 2.6.33, Windows XP SP2
Safari 4.0 Windows XP SP2

Contact Web Administrator

If you have any helpful suggestions or feedback on the technical aspects of this site,
or if you wish to report something that does not work, then please contact me by using by email to

For all enquiries about the Choir please contact the secretary as decribed on the "Contact Us" page.

Ken Wilson  
January 2011